Devises and software for home, office and industrial buildings automation.
Wide opportunities for integration with legacy systems and existing solutions.
Real-time application server.
  • We see our goal in creation remotely controlled, intellectual environment ready to interact with a human, including interaction on natural language.

  • We present our solution as easy to use in accommodations, offices or buildings.

  • We assume to integrate our solution into unified user friendly and safe infrastructure.




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Current version:



Home Server




Third Party Devices:


  • Any TCP/IP & UDP devices

  • Zig-Bee/ZWave devices

  • EIB buses

  • RS-232/422/485 devices

Custom Software Development

System software development for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, RTOS, WxWorks, QNX. Solution for embedded devices. Software for new platforms. Software development for image and sound analysis. Software development for mobile platforms.
  • Business software needs are often unique. Off-the-shelf applications are designed to be “one size fits all” but do not take into consideration the many variables that are created in the course of day-to-day operations. When your business needs a software help, we can step in to keep you running smoothly.

  • has been easy and flexible to work with. The product they delivered exceeds expectations of what we envisioned.

  • Do you have a legacy software system that needs to submit data to a web service for reporting purposes? We’ll create a modern application to meet your needs.

  • Are you using a software system to run your business that was created by someone who is now unreachable or unable to perform needed maintenance? We’ll work with you to analyze your software and technology needs.

  • Our software design staff has over 500 years of combined experience, and uses a wide range of software, database, and other tools. We will team up with you to combine your insight into your business and our knowledge of software design and implementation, and develop software that will grow with your company.

*NIX Development

Custom softwate development

With several Microsoft competencies, we specialize in custom Windows applications. Our custom software application developers have developed for clients in many different fields including medical, accounting, engineering, and more. From drivers to large business suites, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your idea a reality.

Supported OS Microsoft Windows Versions:

Languages & technologies:

Server Platforms

Custom softwate development

  • ComSuite Application Server

  • Adobe Flash Media Server and Flush Media Gateway

  • Wowza Media Server

  • Live555 Media Server

  • Tomcat Application Server

  • MS SQLServer, Oracle RDBMS


Custom softwate development


We do not do:

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