ComSuite developed as multilevel client-server system. When designing we paid special attention to information security. System uses two protocols: HTTP/HTTPS and RTMP. Since in many cases access to port 1935, used by the protocol RTMP/RTMPE, is closed by default, system requires two IP addresses.

Servers configuration

We would not expect that the number of simultaneous connections will come to tens or hundreds immediately after system startup. Also, it is technologically advantageous to use a large number of relatively low-powered computers than a one powerful. Therefore we recommend to start system operation based on energetically favorable configuration, e.g. Intel Atom D525. Note that a server equipped with 4 GB of RAM and a fast SSD drive, priced at $400, can provide simultaneous communication for up to 50 users.

Here is recommended network infrastructure for ComSuite VC system:


Software architecture: