ComSuite VC - is a platform for developing distributed applications, carrying out data processing in a mode that close to real-time. Main, though not the only one area of ComSuite usage - is videoconferencing and video chat development. Speech recognition, automatic translation, automatic requests processing, content delivery functions make ComSuite a rich platform for industrial application.

ComSuite VC platform:

The platform for development of communication systems via internet with all the features of ComSuite service. Ability to integrate with internal VoIP system! What is different from ComSuite service? This platform can be installed on your servers, and provides ability to customize service for your processes!

Since ComSuite.co.il access opening we developed a number of stable "horizontal" solutions:

  • Videoconference with the number of participants, limited only by network capacity and server computing power. Ability to record the conference with a further archive access providing.
  • Remote consultation. Consultations record, billing, call queuing.
  • System for support services. Application in a wide range of tasks: from distance sales to support services implementation. Consultations record, call queuing, operator load balancing, multimedia content transfer.

During projects implementation we faced a number of problems, first of all, organizational due to specific fields of our platform application. Most of the problems related with the necessity of integration with systems existing in Customer company: ERP, CRM, accounting and storage programs, IT internal management systems, such as directory services. Therefore we developed and published first version of ComSuite VC Agile Process (CSAP) methodology which describes the process of developing and implementing solutions on ComSuite VC platform. This methodology is addressed to our customers. We realize that success is impossible without close cooperation with business units employees and engineers of companies, which planning to implement systems on our platform. CSAP methodology, its practices and recommendations are highly specialized, and describe specifics of  solution development and implementation on ComSuite VC platform.