AlexanderEpstineAlexander Epstine

YanYanovskyYan Yanovsky

MilaNatanzonMila Natanzon

Algorithms & System programmer,
30 years of experience in project management,
design and development of algorithms, embedded systems, Android and iOS programming.
Experience in AI, CV, AR algorithms
Linux kernel expert.
Main fields of action - embedded systems, BSPs and bring-ups, kernel and
bootloaders customization.
Device drivers and Userspace applications.
DevOps and Make systems, flavor of *nix distributions: RedHat, Debian, Gentoo.
Experience with different embedded architectures and SOCs: ARM, MIPS, PPC
Medical Imaging, Medical applications, CT data, MRI data, DICOM
Image Analysis, Image processing, 3D segmentation
3D visualization, 3D guidance for medical procedures
CT reconstruction, cone-beam reconstruction, time-gated reconstruction
Software design, OOD/OOP, performance for time-consuming algorithms