personal consultPersonal consultant

Business Cases

This solution can be used by lawyers providing personal consultations, doctors, financiers. The solution is suitable for personal education via the Internet, for example foreign languages learning. Can be used for interaction with privileged customers of financial, consulting and other companies.


Consultations scheduling, consultation start notification, call back, consultant waiting mode, consultant availability notification, billing, consultations recording, statistics, client applications for mobile platforms.

System Requirements

Since the solution does not involve a large number of simultaneous connections, requirements are rather low. To carry out 10 simultaneous consultations server based on Intel D525 with 4Gb of RAM and 100Gb SSD can be used. Communication channel requirements are also quite moderate - 24Mbit/sec.

Deployment time

Solution can be implemented in a period starting from 5 days, depending on the additional requirements and features, such as integration, user interface design.


Development and implementation cost, excluding the cost of OS, DBMS, FMS licenses starts from $3000